I began my journey from a homeless shelter

It was there that I befriended another resident recovering from a stroke. Because neither of us had any resources (and because we both had plenty of time) I began teaching myself TensorFlow.js to see if there was a way to use the web handsfree.

That’s when I discovered my passion for Computer Vision

What I quickly realized however was that the web is a huge place, and that the number of ways that you can interact with it is nearly as large.

There’s clicking. There’s typing. Dragging, scrolling, touching, and gesturing.

So I developed a library called Handsfree.js to help me and others quickly build out handsfree interfaces for the web.

That’s how I received a Glitch Sponsorship!

And a School of AI Fellowship!

And a residency at Carnegie Mellon!

But my journey’s only just begun, and now I’d like to join your team πŸ‘‹

When I first began on this journey, I had no idea that I would get so invested in:

  • Fullstack JavaScript (Firebase, Ruby, and Node backends)
  • Machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow.js and OpenCV
  • RoboDK and hands-on experience with Universal Robots

If your university, company, studio, or team is looking for someone who loves computer vision please use the form below, contact me directly at labofoz@gmail.com, or DM me on Twitter @labofoz