Notes on building an effective portfolio

The following are notes on articles I read on the topic of setting up an effective portfolio, including links to all the articles at I read the bottom. I then followed these notes myself to guide the creation of our landing page!

An animation of our first home page, with the Flying Tensor Monkey above the Lab of Oz over moving clouds


  • Have clear objectives – This is similar to a business mission/vision statement, and will help guide your design
  • Be clear about your services – And keep it brief, as the average visitor only stays on your site for mere seconds
  • Make yourself available – It’s important that people can easily and quickly get a hold of you
  • Use testimonials – This gives you social credibility and can be extremely powerful, especially if you’re still starting up
  • Target your language – Focus in on an audience and use relevant language (although personally I would still avoid too much jargon)
  • Tell a story – This is generally good advice for communication in general, as telling a story helps your audience connect with you

Landing Page Sections

  1. Hero Unit / “Above the Fold”
    1. Use a logo
    2. Have an original tagline
    3. List your services (this can also go “below the fold”, but by keeping it “above the fold” it adheres to our point about delivering info quickly)
  2. Portfolio Section
  3. About Section
  4. Contact Section


The work that you choose to showcase should be the type of work that you want to be hired to produce.

Sasha Prood


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